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Dome skylight
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Dome skylight

Dome skylight


Featurers of Polycarbonate skylight :


     Attributing to proprietary anti-UV coating, Polycarbonate skylight remains perfect mechanical and optical performance after exposed.

Weather Ability:

     It has super-weather ability,which maintains excellent performance in wide temperature range from -40°C-120°C.

Fire retardance :

    UL Flammability 94 V-2

Easy Installation

Easy to install and can be cold bent

Impact Resistance:

     250-300 times the impact strength of ordinary glass and 30 times that of acrylic panels of the same thickness, which is 2-20 times the toughened glass falling two meters below 3kg hammer no cracks, no broken .

Light Transmission:

      The light transmission reaches 12%-82% depending upon colour and thickness.


Application of Polycarbonate skylight:

civil and industrial building glass daylighting roof;  

office and hotel building atrium and top;

Airport, station, departure lounge roof;

Botanical garden greenhouse, exhibition hall, a museum of the landmark building of transparent lid.


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